3-Drop Chiropractic Table – Classic No-Freight Version, FREE SHIPPING!


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3-Drop Chiropractic Table, CLASSIC SERIESNew for 2018 a CLASSIC SERIES table that ships via FedEX GroundFor a Limited time to introduce it, that shipping is FREE! This table leaves our facility in 14-18 days. Shipping is via FedEx Ground. Easy delivery, they carry it right in. Using just 1/2 inch and 7/16 inch wrenches or sockets, adjustable wrench and a #2 Phillips Head screwdriver you’re going to reattach the headpiece and legs in about 30 minutes and be ready to adjust your patients.Table is fully assembled and tested by a chiropractor prior to breakdown for shipment. You MUST contact us prior to purchase if you want the table for a specific date.What’s different about this table versus the other CLASSIC SERIES 3-DROP you have listed on eBay? This table was re-designed to ship like all of our other tables (Standard and Prestige Line) regular parcel service either FedEx or UPS. This saves you $150 on a table purchase 24/7. To accomplish this the table is built on a variation of our Prestige Line frame. This frame is 1.5 inches thinner without sacrificing strength or durability. This allows the table thickness to meet the shipping dimension requirements of FedEx and UPS.You have a Standard Line 3-Drop for $1095 and a Prestige Line 3-Drop for $1695, why this table as well? We build custom tables. So very ceaselessly we mix and match table features to exactly fulfill a Doctor’s specific performance characteristics and budget. Over the last three or four years we noticed that we were building a great number of tables that looked about like this one and with a magic price point of around $1300 per table. So…this table is on a Prestige frame, the legs are attached with hex bolts and t-nuts and the lumbo/pelvic drop cushion is 17.5 inches long rather than the 15 3/4 inches of the Standard Line. You also get the kick drop of the Prestige Line on the lumbo/pelvic section that gives you mechanical advantage at the same time as cocking for larger patients, eliminates the need to lift your contact point at the same time as dropping the pelvis several times, and reduces obstructions to patient positioning if also doing side posture on the table. From the Standard Line you get the handle activated thoracic drop that drops at the superior end with an apex at T6. This gives you better motion when adjusting all through the range of the thoracic spine over full length cushions that focus their drop energy at the point most distant to the hinge. For cost savings there’s no foot extension AND the table borrows the existing 2×4 oak legs of the current CLASSIC Freight table. Essentially it is a feature blending of all existing offerings to come up with a parcel service delivered three drop table which is heavy duty and reasonably priced. You are purchasing directly from the manufacturer! Have questions? call 863-202-0330. We can email you after purchase to get your table color and height. Please make sure eBay has your correct email address on file. Click here for color chart. Table Features INCLUDES THREE DROPS: Forward-Cervical Thoracic Handle Activated Drop Lumbo-Pelvic Kick drop The thoracic drop has bilateral handles. The lumbo-pelvic drop has bilateral foot cocking pedals and left-side tension. The headpiece drop has a cocking handle and right-side tension. TILTING HEADPIECE: Allows 30° forward flexion/30° extension. 15 NAUGAHYDE CHOICES: Click Here For Color Chart 2½” FIRM FOAM: Table cushions use 2½” firm combo foam for a supportive adjusting surface – face cushions use 2½” contoured medium foam for patient comfort. A little on foam. Our firm foam is actually a combination of 1.5 inches of medium compression 50lb foam (it takes 50 pounds of pressure to compress it one inch) and 1 inch of 90lb foam. That means you get a “best” of both worlds. Your patient has something supportive but not uncomfortable to rest on and you’ve got a solid surface to bring them to tension for making the correction (think anterior board built in). This combination was developed and field tested many years ago with Dennis Woggon at the CLEAR institute when developing his personal tables. Anyone familiar with anteriors on an incline for his scoliosis correction technique knows the importance of a comfortable but firm adjusting surface. FIVE AVAILABLE HEIGHTS: 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″ RED OAK LEGS: Red oak sealed with polycrylic. Legs are S4S Oak in nominal 2×4 size. GENEROUS DIMENSIONS: 70″ x 22″ (120 lbs) FACE PAPER HOLDER/CUTTER: Uses standard 8½” rolls. ARM RESTS: 3½” x 12″ (1½” firm foam) TABLE ARRIVES PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED; you put the headpiece, legs, cocking rods and tension knobs back in after arrival. WORKING WEIGHT 600 POUNDS BUILD/SHIP TIME: This table will leave our facility in 14-18 days. Our primary method of shipping is fully assembled Motor Freight. The costs for shipping this table anywhere within the contiguous 48 US states is $150. Transit times vary depending on your location. If you want your table for a specific clinic opening date, please contact us prior to purchasing to make sure we will be able to accommodate your needs. 10 DAY RETURN POLICY: If not satisfied with your table for any reason* you may return it at your expense for a complete refund including original shipping paid. You must contact us within 10 days of arrival to let us know that you are going to be returning the table. This means you have a full 10 days to decide if you are happy with your purchase. Returns will not be accepted if you fail to contact us within 10 days of the table’s delivery. *Tables with a custom color or custom option may not be returned for any reason. 2 YEAR WARRANTY: All Classic Line equipment carries a two year warranty on materials and workmanship (upholstery is warranted for workmanship only). Replacement parts, to be installed by you, are shipped to you at no expense. SHIPS VIA FedEx Ground for $150 anywhere in the Continental US. If you have any questions call 863-202-0330. We can email you after purchase to get your selected table color and height. Please make sure eBay has your correct email address on file.

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